• Road Works
    Location : Ruwais, Abu Dhabi
    Project Status : Completed
    Braka Nuclear Power Plant Project

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    Project Status : 1

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  • Pipeline Works
    Location : Asab, Abu Dhabi
    Project Status : Completed
    ASAB to BAB 36" MOL Pipeline Project

    36" MOL Pipeline Project from Asab to Bab.
    Location : Shah, Abu Dhabi
    Project Status : Completed
    Shah Gas Devolopment 5 Product Pipeline Project

    The scope of work includes Sand, Earth Removal, Excavation and Backfilling for Shah Gas Development 5 Product Pipeline Project.
    Location : fsdsf
    Project Status : sfsfsdff

  • Earthworks
    Location : Abu Dhabi
    Project Status : Running
    Shah Habshan Ruwais Etihad Railway Project

    The railway will service both the Habshan and Shah sour gas fields, and specifically it will allow the transportation of granulated sulphur from these fields to the port of Ruwais. The Shah - Ruwais line Is functionally split Into two sections: Between the Shah gas field and the gas processing and distribution facilities in Habshan city; Between Habshan city and the port of Ruwais, crossing the urban areas of Al Mirfa, where the line’s main facility will be built, consisting of an operational depot, including maintenance structure. It will also pass trough the cities of Mezaira’a, Madinat Zayed and Tarif where future passenger stations will be implemented.
    Location : Sahil, Abu Dhabi
    Project Status : Completed
    Shahil & Shah Fullfield Development Project

    The scope of work for this project is Earthwork. Estimate 1,000,000 cubic meter of materials to be excavated for Cut and Fill.
    Location : Oman
    Project Status : Running
    Batina Expressway Project - Package 4

    Earthworks for Al Batina Expressway Project Package 4 in Oman, Value is 4,871,000 Oman Rial, That is 46,470,000 UAE Dirham. 
  • Drilling Works
    Location : Abu Dhabi
    Project Status : Completed
    Presidential Palace Abu Dhabi

    Works included Drilling for Piling and Carry out necessary removal of beach sand stocking at assigned locations. Collection of the excavated soil deemed appropriate for as backfill, conformity testing as per the specifications, placing in compacted layers up to the designed platform levels and breaking of all the road paving & kerbs to be demolished and carting away all the debris.