Atlas Petroleum L.L.C. is an Abu Dhabi, UAE based contracting company capable of carrying out following types of projects, providing high quality projects that exceed the expectations, in minimum time, at very competitive price:

1. All types of pipeline projects. The pipelines range widely and include oil pipelines, gas pipelines, water pipelines, storm water pipelines, sewer pipelines, chilled water pipelines and the like. We build complete projects which include all civil, electrical and mechanical works associated and incidental with the pipelines such as excavation, backfilling, shoring, dewatering, concrete encasing and bedding, insulation, pipe fittings, accessories, controls, manholes, valve chambers, protection tiles, cathode protection, temporary upholding, diversion and re-routing of services, temporary facilities, surfaces and services reinstatement; and

2. Construction of infrastructure and road works including asphalt work, kerbs, footpaths, sub-grade, road marking and signage, traffic signals, street lights, landscaping, paving, fencing, earthwork and slope protection.


There are many good reasons to select us for your new project. Some of them are listed below:

1. Our senior management has the intention and commitment to deliver a quality project on time without hassle;
2. We employ qualified, relevantly experienced proactive planners and managers to use latest planning and management techniques and tools for our projects;
3. We employ only those workers who are efficient, experienced and hard-working and use modern machinery and tools;
4. HSE Policy is strictly implemented on all and always;
5. QA/QC management is implemented at all times;
6. We do effective mitigation and time management;
7. We cooperate and coordinate well;
8. We deal with only competent and trustworthy sub-contractors and suppliers;
9. We provide sufficient plant, equipment and tools to execute works;
10. We select best products/materials fully complying with the specifications;
11. Our financial standing is high;
12. We possess all required valid licenses and permits; and
13. We want you to become our “re-occurring employer”.